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Our Top 10 Picks for Sackville’s Black Friday Sale

Being merry is a state of mind, and what better way to celebrate BLACK FRIDAY than stocking up on presents for your favorite stoners (yourself included)? 

My TOP 10 PICKS for the most lit Sackville gifts include the chicest cannabis essentials for both the connoisseurs and the curious in your life. In honor of the giving season, Sackville is offering 50% off sitewide (ends Cyber Monday) so don’t settle for the standard bottle of wine — go plant based with your gifts this holiday season:

Signature Grinder Gold


1. Signature Grinder

Remember that grimy-ass grinder your ex had in college? Well, this is not that. Our 4-Tier Signature Grinder in soft brushed gold serves such strong looks that you won’t want to hide it away in between uses. With four tiers including a mesh kief screen, kief bowl and diamond-sharp teeth for the perfect fluffy ground flower, it will outperform all others too. Get a grinder who can do both, you deserve it.

The Joint Spring Set


2. The Joint Holiday Set

This is the perfect kit for your friend who wants to have a joint at her side at any occasion. Our Carry Case keychain, clips onto your keys or bag and keeps its contents protected. Smell-proof & airtight our carry case is perfectly paired with a pack of cones - be the giver of cheer this holiday.

Chili Pepper Lighter + Carry Case Keychain Kit


3. Chili Pepper Lighter + Carry Case Kit

Your Carry Case Keychain has met its match: Meet the Chili Pepper Lighter, our ultimate Pot Girl summer accessory. Make sure you never find yourself lost without a paddle (or packing heat without a light) by keeping these two lovebirds together whenever you want to toke on the go

Powerful Crystal Ball Pipe


4. Powerful Crystal Ball Pipe

Take charge of your own destiny with our Crystal Ball Pipe. Designed to give you the ultimate smoking experience allowing you to get lost in your manifestation.

Pre-Rolled Cones Set


5. Pre Rolled Cones Set

For when you can't choose! Get all four colors of our cones for the price of three! This is a great way to color code your joints.

Each pack comes with 6 individual cones that can each be filled with up to 1 gram of ground herb. The cones are made with unbleached rice paper and are sealed with Arabic gum.

Greetings From NY Dad Hat Brown


6. Greetings From NY Dad Hat Brown

Our I <3 NY dad hat is the perfect accessory for an effortlessly chic supermodel off-duty trip to the farmer’s market or shielding your face from last weekend’s hookup on line at the bodega. This brown and cream cap with our apple pipe logo is a subtle way to express your appreciation for your humble herb beginnings and the greatest city in the world.

The Grinder Spring Set


7. The Grinder Holiday Set

This is the perfect kit for your friend who is begging for an upgrade to their stash. Our signature four-tier grinder is a staple and paired with any pack of rolling papers of your choice - this kit is all you need.

Black Mini Carry Case Keychain


8. Black Mini Carry Case Keychain

POV: You love the carry case, but you're not trying to smoke a gram on the go. You just want a BB carry case to carry around your BB. Your goods will be kept clean and the inside of your bag will thank you. This bad boy is also waterproof, air tight (i.e. can’t be sniffed out) and keeps your cannabis fresh. In soft brushed gold she’s a real head turner.

Greetings From NY Tote


9. Greetings from NY Tote

Your favorite do-anything tote bag, elevated. Bring out your inner Mary Poppins — whether you’re hauling your everyday essentials or an impromptu picnic, your I <3 NY tote with our signature apple pipe logo and a recipe for a good time on the reverse side is the perfect companion for the bodega, Broadway, and everywhere in between.

Gilded Grinder Gold


10. Gilded Grinder

The width of our 3-Tier Gilded Grinder enables you to grind more, faster. Perfect for entertaining, be the party hero and grind enough for the whole group in one go, or quickly grind as much as you need for your DIY infusions when inspiration hits in the kitchen.


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