facebookAsk a Stoner ~ Your Cannabis Horoscope for the Month Ahead


Ask a Stoner ~ Your Cannabis Horoscope for the Month Ahead

Ready to spice up your June with some zodiac-inspired toking? Well, buckle up, 'cause we're about to dive into the wild world of cosmic cannabis horoscopes for the month ahead! 🌿🔭

Alright, Aries, listen up - June’s your chance to step outta that comfy zone.
How about dialing up the competition - with a themed escape room challenge? Mysterious vibes, tricky puzzles, and your trusty strain. Try out some Strawberry Cough and let its vibes amp up your problem-solving game. And hey, why not spice things up with the Chili Pepper Lighter - ready to ignite joints and your opponents alike (jkjk).

Chili Pepper Lighter


Craving chill vibes, Taurus? June’s your cue to ditch the chaos and treat yourself to a cozy cabin getaway. So pack your bags, hit the road, and maybe light up some Granddaddy Purple for the ultimate relax sesh. Oh, and wrap yourself in the comfort of the Weed Out The Bad Vibes Hoodie – ‘cause you deserve nothing but good vibes, babe.

Weed Out The Bad Vibes Hoodie


It’s your bday month, Gemini!
Time to kick off those celebrations in style- from infused cocktails to gourmet edibles, indulge in a feast fit for a Gemini Queen or King. Keep the party going with a puff of Gelato or Pineapple Express, and let the birthday vibes shine like confetti. Bonus points: vibe out with the Sackville x Playboy Cigarette Charm Case – ‘cause no matter what they say, we all know you’re truly the most charming Gem.

Sackville x Playboy Cigarette Charm Case


Ready to escape the hustle and bustle, and let’s be real here for a sec - maybe even everyone in your life? Pack a picnic with your go-to snacks and a refreshing cannabis-infused beverage. Keep the chill vibes going with a puff of Northern Lights or Blueberry, letting its calming effects ease your worries. And for the ultimate cozy vibes, channel that the Moon is High and so am I vibe - you are a moon child, after all. 

Moon Mug


Craving quality time with your crew, Leo? You know the drill. A lit rooftop soiree with Insta-worthy backdrops and nothing but good vibes. Get ready to soak in the love of your friends and create memories that will make those uninvited feeling Hella Jelly. Oh, and don't forget to grind in style with the Pillar Grinder – you deserve nothing less than gold.

Pillar Grinder


As you grind, Virgo, find those moments of peace amidst the chaos. Take a breather, do some yoga or meditate, and touch some grass. Keep the zen vibes going with a puff of Harlequin or Lavender, letting its soothing effects bring you inner peace. And since you end up cleaning everyone’s mess all the time, let’s keep it tidy: Sackville x Slime Sunday Ashtray – no mess, all pretty.

Sackville x Slime Sunday Ashtray


Is it even June if you’re not jet-setting, Libra? Whether you're off to a bustling city or a chill beach destination, bring along your travel essentials and some top-shelf bud. Keep it lowkey with a sleek vape pen or a chic pre-roll, and indulge in a puff of Maui Wowie to elevate your adventure. And for the ultimate cosmopolitan experience, stock up on Pre-Rolled Cones Set, so you can always be on the go!

Pre-Rolled Cones Set


My dear Scorpio - introspection stings, I know. This month, set up that cozy space where you can ponder all things life. Set the mood with soft lights, calming tunes, and comforting scents. Keep it chic with a stylish vape pen or a fancy joint, and unwind with a toke of Lavender or Blue Dream. Oh, and for those late-night adventures, don't forget The Lovers Bundle – iykyk.

The Lovers Bundle


Remember, love comes in many forms, Sagittarius. Whether you're chilling with your boo or hanging with your squad, prioritize joy and connection. Plan a cozy night in or a fun night out, and keep the love flowing with a puff of Cherry Pie or OG Kush. And for the ultimate traveler vibes, rock the Greetings from NY Tee – ‘cause let’s not kid ourselves: even when you're home, you're always in the mood for an adventure.

Greetings From NY White Tee


Ready to tackle your to-do list with style? It's all balancing your responsibilities with self-care. While you're a busy little bee this month, don't forget to carve out moments for relaxation. Treat yourself to a cozy night in with your fave book, a hot cup of tea, and, of course, some top-notch bud. Keep it classy with the Clear Jelly Rolling Tray – as clear as your future.

Clear Jelly Rolling Tray


It’s all about riding that creative wave this month, Aquarius. Whether you're crafting your masterpiece or rearranging the stars, take a hit of Blue Dream or Green Crack and let your imagination soar. Get ready to unleash your inner artist and bring your wildest dreams to life, one puff at a time. And for some extra flair, consider Sackville x Playboy Crystal Ball Pipe - cause it looks like an UFO, and we all know about you, Aquarius.

Sackville x Playboy Crystal Ball Pipe


Hey Pisces, ready to turn your crib into a sanctuary this month? Take a hit of Blue Dream or Green Crack,  and transform your space into a haven of comfort and style. Whether you're redecorating or spending quality time with your fam, elevate the vibe with the Iconic NYC Coffee Cup Stoner Edition – perfect for sipping on your favorite brew or mixing up some watercolors.

Iconic NYC Coffee Cup Stoner Edition


And that's a wrap, fam – your cannabis horoscope for June is officially served!
Whether you're a water, earth, fire or an air sign, this is the month to elevate your cosmic journey. So grab your stash, roll one up, and let's keep riding those cosmic waves.

Until next time,
Your Stoner

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