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420 Essentials: Must-Have Accessories

4/20/2024 - no matter which way you read it, this year's 420 is double the fun!

As the countdown to April 20th kicks off, it's time to gear up and get ready to blaze in style! From sleek rolling papers to stylish grinders and everything in between, we have it all to make your 420 party the litest one yet. 🔥

Signature Grinder Black


1. Signature Grinder Black

Our 4-Tier Signature Grinder in soft brushed black is everything you're imagining and more. Keeping all the sexy, but matte is where it's at. With four tiers including a mesh kief screen, kief bowl and diamond-sharp teeth for the perfect fluffy ground flower, be cooler than you already are with this baby.

This premium grinder is made with 100% aluminum and comes with a handy, adorable kief shovel so you can easily gather and enjoy your trichomes of days gone by. The soft brushed black finish is the perfect finishing touch to this stylish and functional grinder. Match it to your black carry case keychain and black pre-rolls for the ultimate bougie look!

Cherry Red Rolling Papers

Cherry Red Rolling Papers


2. Cherry Red Rolling Papers

Made from 100% Rice Paper, our 1+1/4 Red Cherry printed papers are thin and slow burning. Each pack includes 16 bullet rolled tips, the cherry on top to any sesh!

Moon Mug

Moon Mug


3. Moon Mug

Start your day off right with our new ceramic Moon Mug.

• Ceramic
• 11 oz mug: 3.85″ (9.8 cm) in height, 3.35″ (8.5 cm) in diameter
• Dishwasher and microwave safe

Vibrant Crystal Ball Pipe

Vibrant Crystal Ball Pipe


4. Vibrant Crystal Ball Pipe

Take charge of your own destiny with our Crystal Ball Pipe. Designed to give you the ultimate smoking experience allowing you to get lost in your manifestation. As beautiful on your coffee table as it is in action, this pipe is a must-have to add to your smoking ritual. Premium borosilicate Glass which is known for withstanding high temperatures and its durability.
The 2-piece pipe consists of the orb smoking vessel and the glass base designed to hold the pipe while not in use.

Iconic NYC Coffee Cup Stoner Edition

Iconic NYC Coffee Cup Stoner Edition


5. Iconic NYC Coffee Cup Stoner Edition

Any New Yorker will be quite familiar with this iconic bodega coffee mug, but look a bit closer and you just might see an ode to your favorite hangover cure. Made in ceramic, instead of paper, so you can sip your morning joe again and again.

Powerful Pre-Rolled Cones (6PK)


6. Powerful Pre-Rolled Cones (6PK)

Each pack comes with 6 individual cones that can each be filled with up to 1 gram of ground herb. The cones are made with unbleached rice paper and are sealed with Arabic gum.

Our pre-rolled cones come in 4 colors that not only look cute but also help to categorize your joints if you want to organize your stash of Indicas, Sativas, Hybrids or CBD-forward flower! Can’t decide on the color? Get our pre-rolled cones set!

The Lovers Bundle

The Lovers Bundle


7. The Lovers Bundle

Sackville's most loved have been struck by Cupid's arrow and have come together in this iconic coupling.

Our Lovers Bundle contains:

• 1x Chili Pepper Lighter (Refillable)
• 1x Silver Joint Carry Case Keychain
• 1x Cherry Red Rolling Papers + Filters
• 1x Floral Pink Rolling Papers

Silver Joint Carry Case Keychain

Joint Carry Case Keychain Silver


8. Silver Joint Carry Case Keychain

Enter the Silver Carry Case Keychain: a new hue of our fan fave signature accessory to whip out in the chilly months ahead. Chill out wherever you toke up with this air-tight, smell-proof silver doob tube.

Dimensions: 0.5" x 4.5"

Weed Out The Bad Vibes Hoodie

Weed Out The Bad Vibes Hoodie


9. Weed Out The Bad Vibes Hoodie

Weed out the bad vibes and call in the new. Weed can do a lot of things - and one thing we find it particularly helpful with is helping you get back in tune with you. This is your reminder to get rid of anything that no longer serves you and enjoy the present.

10% of the sales of this hoodie will be going to SeekHer Foundation, an incredible charity that advocates and supports women's mental health. From body image to wellness, SeekHer Foundation is a beautiful resource for women looking to deepen their connection with themselves while finding support in community.

Fits Oversized
SZ 1 - fits like L
SZ 2 - Fits like XXL

Pillar Grinder

Pillar Grinder


10. Pillar Grinder

Ever met a grinder so good-looking it can hold its own next to all the design objects on your mantle? Our Three Tier Pillar Grinder will have all your fellow smoker-friends jaws on the floor, but conveniently also can sit incognito on your display shelf when judgy-parents visit. With three tiers, diamond-sharp teeth, and a deep-set bowl this stunner will seriously up your cannabis game.

55mm D * 120mm H

Didn’t catch what you were after? No worries! We got plenty left to explore in our full shop. Don't miss out on FREE SHIPPING until the big date. Happy 420!

Got a burning question or pot topic you want to discuss with our Stoner-in-residence? Write to hello@sackvilleandco.com with the subject “ASK A STONER” or DM us on Instagram @sackville.and.co for a chance to be featured.


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