facebookAsk A Stoner ~ How Can I Use Weed in the Bedroom?


Ask A Stoner ~ How Can I Use Weed in the Bedroom?

Dear Weedie Bradshaw, 

Hello, lover. There I was, toiling away at my computer on some article about cannabis-infused maple syrup or another, and just like that – I got your message. I couldn’t help but wonder, had I just found my new persona?

I’ve certainly been doing my best to establish some sort of expertise on my absolute favorite topic, and (not to toot my own horn, but toot toot!) I’m no rookie when it comes to the bedroom either. Maybe this was what my burgeoning column has been waiting for all along: a star. 

Okay, sorry. You have to live out your little fantasies when you can. You have a big question, but the answer is yes, I do. After much trial and error, I have found a few great – and a few medically disastrous – ways to use weed in the boudoir. But first, let’s talk about some of the benefits of incorporating cannabis into your sex life in the first place. 

All of our favorite effects of using pot like enhanced senses, lowered inhibitions, and decreased inflammation easily translate over to increasing sexual pleasure – whether you’re on your own or with a partner. 

Now, there are three primary ways to add weed into your sexual ritual: before, during, and after. Let’s discuss a few of the benefits and rules of the road for each. 

Using Cannabis Before Sex

Using cannabis before sex is a great way to ease any performance anxiety and an antidote to the pain sometimes associated with penetration. It can also be a powerful aphrodisiac — if you go in with the right mindset, passing a joint or sharing an edible is a great way to get you both feeling at ease and in the mood. Make sure you don’t get too high, though, as you may suffer some sexual dysfunction issues. 

Weed During Sex (Infused Lube) 

When I was in college, I had been inspired by the copious amount of Viceland I was watching to make weed-infused lube at home. I used some decarbed weed left over from my vape and simmered it in a pot full of coconut oil. I had seen that some popular, reputable brands of weed lube were coconut oil-based, so I figured my configuration was close enough. Reader, I was wrong. One yeast infection later, I learned that my body does not vibe with coconut oil in general (as supported by the cystic acne I developed after trying to use it as a makeup remover), so I personally have not tried any since, but if you have any water-based recs, hit my line. 

Many others report, though, that weed-infused lube is a godsend for increasing sexual arousal, physical pleasure, and feelings of intimacy with your partner — or with yourself, so try it out if you’re curious! Just patch test first, for the love of God. 

Pot After Sex

A smoke after sex is a cliché for a reason: it’s relaxing, a social lubricant, and, most importantly of all, it’s downright chic. Much chicer than a cigarette (for obvious reasons), though, is a joint. Luckily, Sackville & Co has the perfect bedside ashtray just for this occasion with my mantra for a happier life: more sex, more weed. 

I hope this helps you feel more comfortable getting freaky with your favorite plant. Keep writing in with your questions to hello@sackvilleandco.com with the subject “ASK A STONER” or DM us on Instagram at @sackville.and.co for a chance to see your question featured this Pot Girl Summer. 

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