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Ask a Stoner ~ Sesh Etiquette

Dear Sesh Spoiler, 

First of all, don’t be so hard on yourself! Remember, this is supposed to be fun. The sesh should feel like a welcoming environment, but if it feels like you’re walking on eggshells, you might want to find some new smoking buddies. That being said, I google the menu and decide on my order before I ever set foot in the restaurant when I go out to eat, so I get where you’re coming from. 

I went ahead and made you a little guide with some unspoken rules of the road for the ideal smoke sesh.

“Corner” the Bowl

When someone passes you a piece, the most polite way to light it is to place the flame on just the corner of the bowl – this ensures that everyone in the circle gets to smoke fresh, green bud. Remember, you don’t have to scorch it – once the flame catches, you can inhale more or less to control the size of your hit. You’re just taking a slice of the cake, not smashing your face in the middle. 

Puff, Puff, Pass

“Puff, puff, pass” is one of the most popular stoner-isms, and it’s about as self-explanatory, too. This just means that each person is entitled to about two hits (hence: puff, puff) before passing it on to the next person in the rotation.

Whoever Rolls it, Lights it

Think of this one as tipped wages. If someone is going through the effort of rolling a joint for the group, they’re entitled to the freshest hit. When it comes to glass, though, I have a different take: packing a bowl is far from laborious, and it’s very nice for someone to offer up their piece to be passed around (carefully, please) and dirtied up by the group, so I personally offer the first hit to the owner. 

Don’t Bogart

This is one of the easiest mistakes to make, but also one of the most annoying to your fellow stoners. When I’m high, I get even chattier than usual (any fellow Geminis out there?), and I also talk with my hands. While a joint may serve as the perfect baton to punctuate your point, no one in the circle will be listening to you if they’re watching the doobie disappear between your fingers. Pass it on before you start on your diatribe about the multiverse

Ash Before You Pass

Another cute phrase for a simple concept: if you’re passing a joint and the ash is starting to mount on the tip, flick it in an ashtray before handing it to your friend so you don’t have to dust them off after. 

Be Generous 

The weed world is very communal, but be sure to keep your ratio of giving and taking in check. Bring your own bud when you can or offer to host for next time if you’re enjoying someone else’s generosity. 

I hope this helps you feel more confident at your next sesh – and remember, if you slip up, you’re not “spoiling” it! It’s okay to not know things – just be kind and keep it moving. 

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