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The Ultimate Cannabis Toolkit to OWN 2024

Welcome to 2024 – a leap year that's all about leveling up, staying lit, and breaking down barriers! So, if you're ready to make 2024 yours in all your green goddess vibes, you've landed in the perfect spot. Check out Sackville's guide for staying on top of canna-culture in the chicest way possible. Here are 7 pieces to OWN the new year:

Smoker Stash Bag


1. Smoker Stash Bag

Storing za comes first! Crafted to keep even your most delicate glass safe, this stash bag is designed to store and protect your goods wherever you go. It features an inner pouch that's lined with a waterproof material, keeping your items safe in case of accidental spills or unexpected elements. The interior is spacious enough to fit all of your smoking supplies including grinders, papers and lighters to curate the best vibes. The exterior pockets provide easy access to quick-grab items like rolling papers or small edibles. Whether you’re headed out for a night on the town or just taking a stroll in the park, this bag is perfect for keeping your goods secure and close at hand. Available in 3 color waves: Classic, Floral and Fire!

Gilded Grinder Silver


2. Silver Gilded Grinder

Now that we have our herbs secured in a Sackville stash bag, getting a quality grinder is the next priority. Enter the Silver Gilded Grinder – a pillar of platinum with an extra large and extra deep well, perfect for entertaining or smoking a whole lotta weed by yourself. Whether you’re on a strictly cool-toned vibe or just want a fresh finish for the cold months, the Silver Gilded Grinder is your gal. Collect both colors to keep your different strains separate for a party that lasts all night long.

Cherry Red Rolling Papers


3. Cherry Red Rolling Papers

After snagging the perfect stash bag and a grinder, what's next on your must-have list? Say hello to Cherry Red Rolling Papers! Made from 100% Rice Paper, our 1 + 1/4 🍒 printed papers are thin and slow burning. They aren't just functional; they're a fashion statement. With their vibrant red hue, they're practically begging to be featured in your next 'roll and chill' IG story. Each pack includes 16 bullet rolled tips, the cherry on top to any sesh!

Clear Jelly Rolling Tray


4. Clear Jelly Rolling Tray

Spark joy with this bright clear Acrylic Rolling tray. Every time you use it you'll get a little happier, it's just science. The Clear Jelly Rolling Tray is the perfect size for your at-home rolling needs. The sides are slightly raised to prevent anything from falling off, and the acrylic material is super easy to clean. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this tray will make your life easier when you go to roll (or fill a cone — no judgment).

Joint Carry Case Keychain Silver


5. Silver Joint Carry Case Keychain

Silver Carry Case is a new hue of our fan fave signature accessory to whip out in the chilly months ahead. Chill out wherever you toke up with this air-tight, smell-proof silver doob tube.

Sackville x Playboy Cigarette Charm Case


6. Sackville x Playboy Cigarette Charm Case

Feeling bougie? This limited edition platinum cigarette case is the chicest, safest way to bring whatever you smoke wherever you go. The top is embossed with legendary iconography including the classic Playboy bunny, Sackville’s signature ‘moon is high’ logo, celebrations of Playboy’s 70th anniversary, and more – including one signature green pot leaf to shout out your preferred herb. The bejeweled green enclosure opens to reveal a sleek resting place for your most precious accessories. Slip it in your bag to bring a moment of zen (or a few) no matter where the night takes you.

7. Crystal Ball Pipes

And just like that, we've decked out your 2024 cannabis toolkit with some serious swag – the perfect stash bag, a grinder that's all about those fine grinds, and Cherry Red Rolling Papers for rolls that are literally fire. But wait, we're not done yet. To close this out with a bang, let's talk about the pièce de résistance of your collection: Crystal Ball Pipes. As beautiful on your coffee table as it is in action, this pipe is a must have to add to your smoking ritual. Whip out a Crystal Ball Pipe at your next hangout, and you'll have everyone talking!

So there you have it – with these pieces in your collection, you're more than ready to conquer 2024 in style. Here's to owning the year like the absolute legends you are. Stay fabulous and keep shining – just like your new Crystal Ball Pipe. Until next time, keep it green!

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