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Ask a Stoner ~ Maximize The Value of Your Cannabis Purchase

So, you've snagged your hard-earned cash, rolled up to the dispensary, and now you're ready to get the best bang for your bud. I got you! Let’s make every toke count.

First up, let's talk strains.

Look out for wallet-friendly options like Blue Dream, Green Crack, or Sour Diesel. These classics offer a potent high without the premium price tag, making them perfect for budget-conscious smokers. My personal faves are Northern Lights, Afghan Kush, and Hindu Kush - these buds don’t look the sexiest and might not be blowing up your Insta feed, but they deliver a satisfying experience at a fraction of the cost of those trendy picks. Trust me, these babies are all about value, no hype needed.

Another huge thing when it comes to stretching your stash - how you handle your portions can make all the difference. Here's the scoop: buying in bulk upfront can be a total game-changer. Sure, it might seem like a splurge at first, but trust me, it's a smart move. By stocking up, you're not only saving yourself from constant dispensary trips, but you're also snagging a better deal per gram.

When you're working with more weed upfront, you have the power to portion it out in a way that suits your vibe. Whether you're rolling up a fat joint for a smoke sesh with friends or packing a personal bowl for some solo chill time, having a stash on hand means you can customize your experience to perfection.

Storing your kief is absolutely key for maximizing the value of your bud. Our Signature Grinders come with a mesh screen and a deep kief bowl - so you can catch all those wonderful terpenes - and make hash in the future!

Please don’t get tricked by the THC percentages! Sure, those high-THC strains might seem tempting, but trust me, they can often miss the mark and always come with a hefty price tag. Instead, keep your eyes peeled for strains with moderate THC levels. I recently smoked a joint with 14% THC and it was one of the best highs ever!

How you consume your green can also make or break your wallet.

Instead of splurging on fancy gadgets, keep it real with classic methods like rolling joints or hitting up your trusty pipe. Not only are these options easier on your wallet upfront, but they also give you total control over how much you're using, helping you make that stash last longer.

And why not get a little DIY with it? Whip up your own edibles or infused oils at home for a fun and affordable way to enjoy your bud. Not only does this give you major street cred in the kitchen, but it also saves you major coin compared to buying pre-made goodies.

Here's to stretching your stash, savoring every puff, and living your best bud life. Hope this helps!

Until next time,
Your Stoner

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