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ASK A STONER ~ Your Friendly Neighborhood Stoner

As beautiful and welcoming as the cannabis community can be, it can also be quite intimidating -- no matter how much you smoke. With strain names like AK-47 and convenience store clerks scolding you for failing to call a bong a "water pipe," the barriers to entry can be enough to turn some off from the plant entirely. 

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a friend you could call and ask "is 100mg going to make me feel like my face is melting off?" without fear of judgment? Hi, I'm Clare, and I'm your friendly, neighborhood stoner. Won't you be mine? 

My personal journey with weed started like most do: in a shed with six other teens and somebody’s older brother’s alien dick bowl. Naturally, I pretended I had already smoked before. Me? Oh my god, all the time! Loooove to blaze. But, I couldn’t get it to light. “You have to cover the carb,” someone corrected me. “Oh, haha, yeah, totally,” I said in a thinly veiled panic. The what? My friend reached over and covered the little hole on the side as they lit it, and I sipped a tiny stream of smoke into my mouth only. “Mine doesn’t have one of those,” I offered. 

I could’ve used a stoner to ask. Instead, I later fell in love with the plant the old-fashioned way — by sharing a bong with my freshman roommate in our dorm’s bathtub. Now, I write about everything from Nancy Botwin’s imperfect representation of women in weed and University refusal to recognize students’ medical cannabis cards to the many barriers to getting high in Turkey. 

For Sackville's new "Ask a Stoner" series, I'll be answering your most frequently asked weed questions, like: "does eating black pepper really make you less high?," "Is weed lube safe for vaginal health?," anything short of "can you light this for me?" and I'll be there with the research, recommendations, and anecdotes you need to feel confident in being your very own stoner. 

So, help me to help you! Send me your deepest, dankest questions to hello@sackvilleandco.com with subject "ASK A STONER" or DM us on Instagram at @sackville.and.co. I have always wanted to have a neighbor just like you. 


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