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Ask a Stoner ~ Weed & Pets - What You Gotta Know

As a fellow pet parent, I totally get your concern. Keeping our furry friends safe comes before anything else. Here’s the lowdown on keeping your pets chill and healthy while you enjoy your cannabis:

Stash Your Stash
Pets are nosy little cuties. Keep your weed, edibles, and anything cannabis-related in a secure spot. Think childproof containers and high-up cabinets—basically, anywhere your pets can’t get to. This goes for dogs espesh - they will eat just about anything, including your weed. Watch out for symptoms like drooling, shaking, and seizures. Always keep your cannabis well out of your doggo’s reach. And if they still manage to get into your stash and vets are nowhere to be found - give them some activated charcoal. It can help soak up the THC in your dog’s system to stop it from spreading. 

Blaze Away from Your Pets
Secondhand smoke isn’t just a buzzkill for humans—it’s bad for pets too. So, take your sesh outside or to a well-ventilated room where your pets aren’t hanging out. Don’t worry about being selfish - no need to share the vibes with them! Cats can be more sensitive to secondhand smoke and might show signs like agitation and drooling if they get into your stash. Keep your kitty safe by keeping your cannabis out of their zone.

Edibles Are a No-No
Edibles look and smell delish to pets, but they’re a big no-no. Keep them far, far away from your furry friends. And never leave them unattended. No one wants a sky-high vet bill for a pet munching on their brownie stash.

Small Pets & Exotics: Extra Careful
Tiny pets are super sensitive to cannabis. Even a little can be harmful. Bunnies might experience severe digestive issues if they ingest even a small amount of cannabis. When it comes to hamsters and guinea pigs - these little guys have delicate systems and can suffer from lethargy and respiratory issues. Birds are also incredibly sensitive to airborne toxins. Even secondhand smoke can be fatal.

CBD for Pets: The Safe Way

Vet First: Seriously, always talk to your vet before giving your pet any CBD. They know what's up and can help you figure out the best dosage and what to watch for. Every pet is different, and your vet can give you the 411 on how to safely introduce CBD into their routine.

Quality Matters: Don’t just grab the first CBD product you see. You need to look for ones made specifically for pets. They should be THC-free (no psychoactive stuff) and tested for purity and potency. Check out brands that have third-party lab results so you know exactly what you’re giving your pet. Your furry friend deserves only the best!

Start Slow: When it comes to CBD, less is more—at least to start. Give your pet a low dose and see how they react. Keep an eye on them for any changes in behavior or health. If they’re doing well, you can slowly adjust the dose with your vet’s guidance. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where the CBD helps without any side effects.

And there you have it, my fellow fur parents!
Now you know how to keep your furry friends safe while you enjoy your weed. Follow these tips and check out pet-safe CBD to keep your pets happy and healthy. A safe pet is a happy pet!

And if your fur babies get sneaky and find your stash, have your vet's number and the animal poison control center on speed dial. Quick action can be a game-changer!

Stay chill and toke responsibly!

Until next time,
Your Stoner

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