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Ask a Stoner ~ How Can Cannabis Enhance Romance

You are not alone if you've ever felt the desire to light up before sex. In fact, studies have shown that over 59% of people experience an increase in sexual desire when high! So, move over oysters, wine, and chocolate, as we learn more about this leafy green aphrodisiac - which has been used since the beginning of time to promote benefits during sexy time.

The "pleasure hormone," AKA Dopamine, plays a big part in both sex drive and the brain's pleasure centers. The dopaminergic neurons in the brain can receive these neurotransmitters and create the feeling of "horniness”. The THC in Cannabis works with these same neurons, activating dopamine receptors in the brain. The science doesn't lie— it makes sense why you may feel a heightened sense of sexual desire.

Mental Perks

Okay, so like, when you're high, your brain's in a whole different headspace, right? And this totally plays into getting your sexy on. To really tap into that 'turned on' feeling, your mind's gotta be in the game, diving into those desires. Cannabis helps spark all these fresh, fun ideas for bedroom adventures.

Think about it – creativity is low-key the secret sauce in keeping things spicy with your bae. Regularly switching it up is key to keeping that flame burning, and those cannabis-inspired ideas just add oil to the fire!

Plus, let's talk about chilling out. Cannabis is fab at dialing down anxiety and those pesky inhibitions, making you feel more free and in the moment. Less overthinking, more enjoying – you're less about the self-judgy vibes and more about just being there, fully feeling all the feels.

Physical Goodies

First off, there's some legit buzz about cannabis giving your libido a major boost. Gotta be revved up to enjoy the ride, am I right? But it's not just for the ladies – studies show cannabis amps up the pleasure game for everyone. We're talking next-level touchy-feely vibes, taste, smell – all your senses on high alert. And get this – as a vasodilator, cannabis gets your blood flowing, making those big O moments even more mind-blowing.

Methods of Consumption

Inhale the Magic: Take a deep breath in, and out. Smoking or vaping is the quick and easy route to high town. Plus, sharing a smoke sesh with your boo? Super intimate. Try passing those inhales back and forth – talk about an up-close and personal warm-up act.

Edible Adventure: If smoking's not your jam, edibles are where it's at. They last longer and can be super sensual. Imagine nibbling on cannabis-infused chocolates or cookies – even cooking with cannabis oils. Start with dinner, and who knows, your partner might just be dessert. Just remember, edibles take a bit to kick in, so plan your menu accordingly.

Skin Deep: Then there's the topical route. Rubbing cannabis oils or lotions onto each other? Hello, intimacy! Plus, for my ladies, topicals can really help relax things downstairs, making it easier to get into the groove. You might not feel 'high' high, but it's all about unwinding and getting those muscles ready for some love.

So there you have it – cannabis can totally amp up your romance game, whether it's getting your mind right, upping the physical ante, or just finding new, fun ways to enjoy each other's company. Stay high on love, babes!

Consent and Sobriety

Alright, let's get real for a sec. It goes without saying to make sure your partner is on board with everything you have planned, under the influence of Cannabis or not. However, the same rules apply to Cannabis as to alcohol– if someone's judgment is impaired or they are otherwise intoxicated, they cannot consent to sex. To ensure that all parties are willing participants, have a conversation about consent before ingesting any cannabis, remember that it's okay if feelings change, and be open and accepting of any changes during or before sexual activity. Many people have different relationships with Cannabis, and that's okay. What works for some people doesn't work for all, so be mindful of your dosage, and remember to always respect your partner.

Now, onto the fun part. Mixing cannabis and some bedroom (or hey, any room) action can be like unlocking a whole new level of intimacy and adventure. Both sex and cannabis have come out of the shadows big time, and they're ready to play. If you're curious about adding a little green to your love life, don't let any old-school fears hold you back. Keep it consensual, respectful, and get ready to explore some epic new experiences. Stay safe, have fun, and let the good times roll.

Warm regards,

Your Stoner

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