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Ask A Stoner ~ How to be a Stoner in Professional Spaces

Dear That New Guy in Digital,

First off, congrats on the new position! We know the job market right now is tough so we celebrate anyone with a new job! 

There isn’t a perfect way to be a professional stoner without it kind of being kind of obvious at times BUT it is achievable and we have a few ways for you to make sure you are living up to your best potential while at your desk. As you get ready to clock in, set yourself up for success in every way and that includes making sure your vibes are immaculate in order to sift through those emails. You know which emails I’m talking about too. 

One of the most important things for you to know about yourself as a stoner is understanding how different strains affect your productivity as a professional. For a lot of us, Sativas tend to be our go to just for the sole reason of it not leaving you a bit “heavy brained”. Indicas can be a little strong and tend to cause too much relaxation making it difficult to focus on your assigned tasks and responsibilities. Hybrids can be great to give you this balance of relaxation and productivity but make sure you really know first how your body responds to it first before diving all the way in on your first day. This varies from person to person though so learn yourself! 

Edibles will be your bestie but ONLY if you manage your doses accordingly. Before you go eating up all of the treats, take a moment to learn how your body reacts to different types of edibles. To paint the picture, a homegirl of ours takes 10mg gummies to start her day. She eats it right after she sets herself up for the day at her desk and it takes about 30 minutes or so to kick in and next thing you know, she’s feeling the effects and in a much better place mentally to take that 10:30 marketing call. Don’t let the weed run your day for you. It’s your show and you make the rules. 

Another option we like are the pens. They let you duck off somewhere and take a quick hit but you don’t smell like a freshly lit joint. It’s like magic. They’re perfect for your lunch and bathroom breaks. Just potent enough to get you the tingle you need but lowkey enough to not come back advising your coworkers you got that za.

I personally love getting a little cannabis syrup, grabbing a 32oz bottle of sparkling water and adding like a tablespoon of syrup so that i can sip on it throughout the day. This is what works best for me but test it out and see if you like it. 

It’s always a plus too if you have one rolled up for your “I made it to the end of the day” celebration. You can be extra cute and get one of our carry cases so that it’s ready to go but you aren’t announcing to the entire office LOUDLY that you have weed on deck. 

Cardinal rule is always DON’T ALLOW YOURSELF TO GET TOO HIGH. Remember, you’re at work. You still need to be productive and let them know why they hired you in the first place. 

Congrats on the new job and burn one with us to celebrate!



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