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Ask a Stoner ~ Best TV Shows To Watch While High

Strains + streamers? Name a better duo - I’ll wait.  📺🌿
Grab your go-to bud and hit play, ‘cause my 2024 watchlist is here and you're about to be stuck in a binge-watching spiral.

Cunk On Earth
It’s history, but like, the fun kind. Philomena Cunk is here to spill the tea on all things past and present. The vibe is like hanging out with that one friend who has all the juicy deets. Perfect for a laid-back stoner who wants to laugh and learn without zoning out.

Imagine a Tarantino movie but with more laughs and less blood (well, kinda). Barry is a hitman who’s over the whole killing gig and wants to chase his acting dreams instead. Perfect for the stoner who loves a show that keeps them on the edge of their seat while packed with some killer one-liners. (Get it - killer???)

The Bear
Carmy’s got a lot on his plate - literally and figuratively. From whipping up drool-worthy sandwiches in his family's shop to dealing with heartbreak, this show is an inteeense roller coaster. It's like diving into a tub of ice cream after a breakup – comforting, yet gets you in your feels.

3 Body Problem
Intergalactic mysteries, mind-bending plot twists, and enough existential pondering to make your head spin. Think of jumping into a game where the rules are constantly changing – thrilling, yet totally mind-blowing. Trust me, the show is about to be your new obsession.

I’m a Virgo
You don’t need to be a Virgo to enjoy this show - all signs are welcome, I swear.
Follow Cootie, a 13-foot-tall dude, as he’s trying to figure out the whole human thing. Reality is almost up for grabs – totally weird, yet strangely relatable. Made for stoners who crave a show that's as out-of-this-world as they are.

What We Do In The Shadows
The vampire gang's wrapping up their last season, so it's time for a binge-rewatch. And if you haven't caught it yet? Think Twilight meets The Office. It's about clueless vamps trying to blend in while dealing with the usual undead drama – bloodlust, rivalries, and ancient curses, you know, the usual.

If you're all about ditching reality, then Fallout is your jam. It’s a post-apocalyptic rollercoaster ride, packed with twists, turns, and enough drama to keep you hooked. So, strap in, light up, and get ready for a wild ride.

The Great British Bake Off
Every episode is a delish surprise - literally. Warning: watching might awaken some toxic traits, like suddenly thinking you're a master baker at 3 AM despite never having touched an oven.

Plus, here's a hot take you didn't see coming: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT watch Baby Reindeer while high. Seriously, don't even think about it. It'll mess with your vibe and take you to a paranoia zone you definitely want to avoid. Unless you're into that sort of thing, I guess. 

And, it’s a wrap, fam! 🎬 

Whether you're vibing with mind-bending mysteries or rolling on the floor with laughter, there's something here for every high. So grab your lighter, take a hit, and let the show begin! 

Until next time, 
Your Stoner

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