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Ask A Stoner ~ Dry January Alternative

Kudos to you for embracing Dry January! I hear you on the whole ‘not vibing with cannabis before’ thing, but don’t worry – the cannabis world is as varied as a wine cellar, with something for every taste and occasion. Let’s uncork some knowledge and find your perfect match!

It’s all about finding the right method and strain that suits your style. Think of it like choosing between a bold red or a light white – each has its own character and effect.

What You Should Know About Strains

• Sativa-Dominant: If you miss the lively buzz of a crisp white, sativas are your go-to. They’re uplifting and energizing – perfect for socializing or getting creative.

• Indica-Dominant: For the full-bodied, deep relaxation of a rich red, indicas are where it’s at. They’re all about that cozy, curl-up-on-the-sofa feeling.

• CBD-Dominant: These strains are like your non-alcoholic wines. They offer relaxation and calm without the high. Great for unwinding after a long day.

Methods to Explore

Cannabis - The New Social Drink: Weed-infused beverages are the latest rage. Imagine sipping on a CBD-infused mocktail or a low-dose THC tea. Classy, enjoyable, and you won't wake up with a hangover the next day!

Edibles: For a longer-lasting, more ‘sipping on a glass of wine’ vibe, edibles are the way to go. They come on slower, but the effects are like a fine wine – deep and full-bodied. Patience is absolutely key. Start with a low dose, wait at least one hour before consuming more, and be really mindful of the potency to avoid overindulgence. You don’t want to end up like this guy. Pro tip: Start a stopwatch on your phone whenever you eat a dose.

Tinctures: If you want to keep it super low-key, tinctures are perfect. A few drops under your tongue, and you’re all set. It’s discreet, easy, and most importantly - you can fine-tune your experience.

Smoking a J - The OG Way to Experience Cannabis: You grab that joint, flick your lighter, and take a puff that sends you soaring through a universe of good vibes. Whether you're passing the magic with friends or enjoying some solo time, the act of inhaling the herb is a special experience. A joint is often the most straightforward way to smoke, but how high you feel will likely depend on how hard you inhale.

Incorporating cannabis into your Dry January can be a mindful and intentional choice. It's not about replacing one substance with another, but rather finding a supportive ally in your journey towards well-being. Just like finding your favorite wine, exploring cannabis is a personal journey. 

Start slow, see what you enjoy, and ALWAYS keep it chill.

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