facebookAsk a Stoner ~ Can I Mix Weed with Shrooms?


Ask a Stoner ~ Can I Mix Weed with Shrooms?

Dear Toke & Trip, 

Not only do I think it’s not a bad idea to smoke alongside your trip, I actually recommend it to stoners who are newbies to shrooms. Both cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms are naturally-derived sources of compounds that alter human consciousness, and they actually pair together much more neatly than you might think. 

Before you start, you’ll likely want to grind up your mushrooms in one way or another to consume them – whether that’s infused into tea (my personal favorite way to trip without the dreaded nausea) or sprinkled into a treat, you’ll want to use something that never touches your bud for risk of cross-contamination. I like a big, sturdy grinder like S&Co’s Gilded Grinder, but you can use a mortar and pestle in a pinch. 

Whether you decide to smoke weed before, during, or after your trip may depend on what you’re looking to get out of your experience. Smoking weed before a mushroom trip can help you eliminate nausea and anxiety to give yourself the best set and setting possible. It can also help introduce you to your new altered state – taking a small dose of shrooms can feel quite similar to getting super high. 

During a trip, smoking weed can help you to enhance your peak. If you take a toke when you’re feeling the greatest effects, a high-THC strain may help you reach a new level of awareness. If you light up towards the end of the trip, however, you’ll be able to extend it out longer. 

Smoking after your trip is over or during the “afterglow” can be a great way to help bring your feet back down to earth. In my experience, the high from weed wears off a bit more gradually than the effects of mushrooms, meaning you can use the plant to help you reflect on what you’ve learned before landing in reality. 

Though there really hasn’t been enough research done about either weed or psychedelic mushrooms to determine the true effects of their combination, as long as you keep your intentions strong and your trip-sitter close by, cannabis can be a great way to boost the psilocybin experience to new heights. 

Thank you for writing in, and happy tripping!



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