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Ask A Stoner ~ All About Vapes

Dear Puff Puff, 

Vaping has certainly become more popular lately, with new devices coming out all the time to roast and inhale your favorite goods. From a plastic bag you inflate and suck out to a stick no bigger than a pencil, your options for vaping are seemingly endless. Whether you prefer flower or oil, you might be into vaping if you’re still interested in inhaling as opposed to ingesting your weed, but you’re looking for a way to minimize the potential damage to your lungs. 

Flower Vapes

Dry flower vapes are a little micro oven (a different kind of easy bake, if you will) that you pack with dry herb, like a regular pipe. Temperature-controlled vapes allow you to choose your own adventure – from lightly toasted to fully scorched. Lower temperatures are better for more lightweight or daytime consumers and will likely give you a milder effect full of flavor. More veteran and nighttime consumers will likely prefer a higher temperature – which comes as close as you can to combustion while still inhaling vapor instead of smoke. You can activate different cannabinoids and terpenes at different temperature levels, so experiment to see what works best for you. You can also use already vaped bud (AVB) to make edibles at home, so you get a double bang for your buck. 

Oil Vapes

Oil vapes operate on a similar principle, but they vaporize THC-rich oil instead of flower, so you’ll get higher with less. While flower vapes are much less aromatic than smoking, it still has a pretty distinct smell (it’s somewhere between burnt popcorn and freshly cut grass). Oil vapes aren’t 100% odorless, but they’re pretty undetectable after a few seconds, and once you learn how to ghost your hits, this is one of the most discreet options you have for vaporizing. Most oil vapes use disposable oil cartridges, though, so the toll on the environment is a bit heavier than a flower vape. 

As for the health benefits of vaping, the biggest is also the most obvious: inhaling vapor is less harmful to your lungs than inhaling smoke, though cannabis smoke is much less harmful than tobacco. If you’re looking to kick your smoker’s cough, vaping may be the perfect choice for you. 

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