facebookAsk A Stoner ~ How Can I Bring Weed on Vacation?


Ask a Stoner ~ How Can I Bring Weed on Vacation?

Dear Blazin’ Trails, 

There are a few factors to bringing weed on a trip with you, but luckily you’ve come to the right place. First things first: this is all alleged and for entertainment purposes only. The following “tips” are not actual endorsements, suggestions, or recommendations to engage in illegal activity.

Anyway, now that we got the narcs out of the way, I want to go over the main concerns when traveling with weed: what to bring and how you’re getting there. 

What to Bring

I take great pride in my travel weed kit. You want to strike the right balance between having everything you need (packing up a mini silicone bong just to discover you forgot to bring a lighter is quite humbling) and nothing you don’t. Keeping everything together is vital for keeping the smell contained and your stash compact, so pull out your favorite — well, maybe your second favorite — makeup bag and let’s get started:

  • Ouid: There’s a time and a place for everything, and family vacation is probably not the time for your dab rig. An oil pen is a great alternative for concentrate heads, but I’m a flower gal through and through, so I would recommend bringing your pen and/or pre-ground flower (for ease) in something nondescript — an old ibuprofen or moisturizer container is tried and true. 
  • Piece: If you’re not too picky about your mode of consumption, a flower or oil vape is the easiest way to smoke on the go. I however, am, so I bring a cheap, small silicone bong (you can find one at most headshops) and a travel bottle filled with water to recreate those sweet, sweet bubbles. If you’re planning on sharing your stash, though, you’re better off bringing pre-rolls — vapes can be tricky to explain, and a joint is just so much more fun. Sackville’s pre-rolled cones and carry case keychain are the perfect companions for a sesh in paradise. 
  • Lighter: As previously mentioned, a lighter is key if you’re going vape-free. Bring at least one backup to account for misplacing. Our Chili Pepper Lighter is a must for your next hot rendezvous.

Ways to Cover the Smell: If you have the space, Sackville room sprays are not only my personal favorite way to reset after a sesh, but they’re all half off for only $10 right now — the bougie vibe is my absolute favorite. I also recommend investing in a personal smoke filter (here’s the one I’m using), which makes any trace disappear like magic.

Mode of Transportation

Again, it is illegal to transport cannabis across state or country lines and I am not instructing anyone nor describing how one should break the law in any way. That being said…if my friend Mary Jane were to hypothetically bring weed on a plane, she might do it like this. 

If she was bringing an oil vape, she would probably put the liquid cartridge in an old bottle of tinted moisturizer or something with a similarly cylindrical shape. She would then put that bottle in with the other liquids in her carry-on bag. She would put her pre-ground weed, hypothetically, in an old medication bottle, covered with a cotton ball and close to her other pills. Her pipe or piece could then be folded into a thick pair of socks or a sweater sleeve, and the lighter could be stuffed similarly nearby. She would be sure to keep everything in her carry-on bag, so that she would be fully clear once she made it through security, unlike in checked luggage where it could be randomly inspected. 

If she was driving or taking a train, she would just keep her stash bag in her luggage, maybe with a few dryer sheets stuffed inside. But, like I said, this Mary Jane is a wild card! Who knows what she’ll do next?

H.A.G.S. (Have a Great Summer),


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