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Ask A Stoner ~ Exercising While High

Dear Runner’s High, 

While exercising and smoking weed may seem incongruent to some, many people swear by using THC to fuel their workout. Weed is heavily baked into plenty of exercise-heavy cultures already like skateboarding and surfing, and it offers many people a wide variety of workout benefits including fatigue relief, alleviation of anxiety, and increased mindfulness. 

As we know, though, weed affects everyone differently, so I wanted to offer you two perspectives: one from a pal I would describe as a stoner who also exercises, and one who I would describe as an exerciser who also stones, but both who like to incorporate weed into their fitness routines. 

My stoner pal suffers from premenstrual chronic pain issues, and she told me that while she’s on her period, weed is the only thing that can manage her pain enough to allow her to exercise — let alone get out of bed. While not super into running while high (or at all, to be fair) she tells me that biking (on a quiet, safe trail only — no cars!) and doing yoga are two of her favorite ways to blend endorphins with THC. Her warning for other chronic pain patients is that her high doesn’t last as long while working out as it usually would, so pack an extra pre-roll just in case. 

My runner pal, however, has a slightly different point of view. “I love smoking before a run,” she texts me. “I feel like if I smoke and get a little high (not to the point where I just want to sit) and then go running, I don’t focus as much on the running aspect – and my mind wanders more so I have the capacity to run for longer.” She goes on to warn me, though, “one time I got way too high before a run and was convinced a medium-sized dog was a massive cat and was really scared.” 

Personally, I like to smoke a bit before exercises like a gentle yoga practice or a moderate hike, but not for something more intense like an at-home HIIT class, where twenty minutes already feels like a lifetime to me. If it sounds fun to you, give it a shot! Just take a toke or two to avoid feeling freaked out and move your body however feels right. 

Next month, we’re relaxing into Pot Girl Summer on Ask A Stoner, so write in with all of your questions about bodies, sex, love, mental health, and more to hello@sackvilleandco.com with the subject “ASK A STONER” or DM us on Instagram at @sackville.and.co to see your question featured. See you next Tuesday ;)


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