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CBD Joints


We believe in the power of CBD, so it goes without saying that we are thrilled to introduce our newest family member - Our hemp derived CBD Joints!

There are many ways to ingest CBD, smoking CBD has a significantly increased bioavailability. This means you will get the effects right away, without having to bypass your digestion and liver, you can receive all of the incredible benefits of CBD without having to wait that pesky hour or two to feel the effects.

Our hemp derived CBD flower is grown at a boutique farm in upstate New York, third party tested, end to end organic and is always handpicked, hand dried and hand rolled. Trust us, you're going to love it.

Stoned Meter

0.7 grams CBD
0g THC


0.7 grams CBD
Flower Potency: 16% Strain: Hawaiian Haze
1 Joint
= 0.7 grams CBD

Suggested Use

Light by holding a flame to the end of your joint. Rotate the joint to make sure it’s evenly lit all the way around. Inhale to take a steady hit, then exhale slowly. Enjoy.

Prominent Terpenes: Myrcene & Pinene

Manufactured: New York. Made in USA


Unbleached rice paper sealed with Arabic gum, 1.0g hemp derived CBD flower

Supplemental Facts

Serving size: 1 Joint

Serving per container: 1

Amount Per Serving
Calories 0

Spark & Enjoy

Hand Rolled

End to End Organic

Third Party Tested

Hand picked, hand dried


How much should I take in a day?

What happens if I take too much? 

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